Adjusted to each client.

On the Estoril Experience Day track-days, participants are grouped according to the weight/power ratio of their vehicles, the most balanced way of ensuring everyone's safety.

Depending on the events, each customer can purchase three sessions of 30 minutes of track-time.

We privilege our customers and that is why all Level1.5 sessions have 30% discount for those who purchase sessions from other levels.

Our offer is complemented with the Exclusive category, limited to 20 cars on track which is perfect for historic or of high commercial interest vehicles, and the Competition category for vehicles with roll-bar.




for beginners on track-days and participants with vehicles whose weight/power ratio is equal or higher
to 7.5 kg per hp


for beginners on track-days and participants with vehicles whose weight/power ratio is equal or higher to 7.5 kg per hp and between 7.5 kg and 6.0 kg per hp


for participants with vehicles whose weight/power ratio
is between
7.5 kg and 6.0 kg per hp


limited to 20 units and therefore indicated for customers who prefer more quality time on track. Perfect for GT 's or exclusive cars owners with a weight/power ratio of less than 4.0 kg per hp


for participants with vehicles whose weight/power ratio is between 6.0 kg and equal or less than 4.5 kg per hp


for racing cars with roll-bar and limited to 20 participants


For the safety of all.

As with any official race held on a circuit, where even the best drivers are not allowed to skip the briefing, all Estoril Experience Day track-days require their participants to be present at a mandatory briefing, always with the safety of everyone in mind. It is never too much ro revisit these rules, which is why we make them available in video and pdf format.

In order to get the best out of our track-days, it is also vital that all participants comply with the code of conduct described below, as well as the regulations and safety rules.


In addition to irretrievably influence the time of each session, failure to comply with the previous paragraph may result in the definitive exclusion of the Estoril Experience Day track-days.



To place the track access sticker in the upper left corner of the windshield


To wear the driver's wristbrand and have the tow hook attached to the car


To wear helmet (driver and passenger) 
and seat belt in all categories.
Note: skateboard or bicycle helmets are forbidden


To respect the flags, the speed limits in the paddock
(15 km/h) and pitlane
(60 km/h), and the marshalls and staff instructions


To discuss braking, to overtake during a corner or to prevent overtaking manouvres from faster drivers


To drift, except for drivers duly authorized by the Organization


To exit pits by reversing


To stop in the middle of the pitlane to change driver or passenger


1 — Is my registration valid just by purchasing through the online store?

The registration will only be validated with the transfer of the amount related to the purchase to IBAN CRM Motorsport PT50 0035 0396 0022 3705 3305 0 and with sending the receipt to geral@crm-motorsport.com

2 — Can I register any car at Estoril Experience Day?

  • All Estoril Experience Day categories are for modern and classic cars, including competition cars here. Only formulas are excluded, for security reasons, and for that purpose you must register in Estoril Test Day

  • The assignment of a category to each car will always be subject to the approval of the organization, and it reserves the right to assign the category that it considers suitable for the vehicle

  • All vehicles must be in a good state of repair and maintenance, in order to be able to move without jeopardizing the participation of the remaining competitors

  • The organization may exclude any vehicle or participant that, in its understanding, does not fit the spirit and profile of the event, and that does not respect the conditions mentioned above

  • In order to guarantee the safety of the participants, at Estoril Experience Day events, random checks are carried out in order to check the good condition and maintenance of their vehicles, as well as the blood alcohol levels existing before entering the track

3 — How can I withdraw my accreditation, exchange or buy tickets?

  • In order to make the process faster, the accreditations survey is carried out exclusively at the premises of the Motor Club of Estoril, under Bench A and at the ticket office of the Estoril Circuit

  • The purchase of tickets, paddock parks and registrations during the event weekend will take place at the ticket office of the circuit, also located under Bench A. The same applies to any exchange requests

4 — Can I make a exchange or request a return?

  • The customer can make exchanges to his registration, but after making a purchase, no refunds will be made
  • Registration changes will only be allowed for equivalent vehicles that fit the corresponding class, always subject to the organization's approval. Up to 10 days before the event there will be no cost. After that date, each exchange costs € 20.00
  • Adverse situations to the organization, such as the interruption of the track sessions due to red flag situations, may result in the alteration of the planned program. The organization is not responsible for any cancellations, reduction in the number of sessions or the duration of the same during the events, and there is no return of the registration